Bartam Becomes a Jedi

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Bartam Becomes a Jedi

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After Roman dropped Bartam off with the family, he almost immediately became dissatisfied. Ma and Pa were hard on him, of course, but not overly. His brothers and sisters weren't so lenient. They blamed him for all the trouble he'd gotten himself into (rightly), but more than that, they blamed him for Roman's departure as well (wrongly). Chores were never his strong suit, and they always gave him the worst ones. He hated it. In his off time, he practiced the meditation techniques his brother had taught him, nurturing the spark of connection he had to the Force. It wasn't much, but it helped, a little.

One day not too long after his arrival, while he was shoveling manure, he was overcome with a sense of loss. He knew in that moment that Roman had been killed, and he could even sense a little of the reason why. He realized immediately that his brother had given his life for his own, and at the same time felt overwhelmed with the power of the Force. Some of Roman's power had gone into him, as some sort of last wish. It was meant kindly, but it soon threatened to overwhelm him. He felt the anger of loss and the fear of further loss, and he knew if he did not find help, he'd be overcome. Roman had told him a time like that might come, and that when he was ready he should seek out Master Elon.

So he took 500 credits from Ma's purse, justifying it as money Roman had sent them anyway, and got passage on a tramp freighter. He had to change ships a couple times to get to Robindor, and it wasn't easy restraining himself from unleashing his full power on every scoundrel who crossed his path, but somehow he managed. Maybe it was Roman's strength, he didn't know. He resented his little brother for being so self-righteous, even if he knew he was actually right. Eventually he landed in Oba Nydo. He had very little mastery of the Force now, but much more power than he knew what to do with. His disguise wasn't perfect, but no one really expected him to go there so soon after being a declared criminal, so he got along. Nobody realized who he was, though one day the council did find a note that said simply, "I'm sorry. I'm going to make it right. Somehow. - Bartam"

He made a perilous journey across the desert to find Master Elon. His swoop broke down on the second day, and he was forced to hoof it. With very little in the way of supplies, and none of the survival skills of his little brother, he very nearly died. He had gotten lost, predictable in the empty landscape of the desert, and could walk no longer. Just as he was about to abandon hope, he thought he heard a voice urging him to go on, and he got a faint sense of direction. Steeling himself, he stood, wavered, and nearly fell again. "Not this time," he thought. He would never fall again. He stumbled, lips cracked and bleeding, delirious and weak, toward Elon. He found him, and asked for water. Elon demanded he train before he would give him even a drop, however. Bartam felt his rage rising. How dare he demand training? Why not at least make sure he didn't die first? But again he felt a presence steady him. He looked within himself, and found the Force. He focused on it, buried himself in it, found nourishment to go on. He trained. Elon put him through a ringer that first day, and he never thought it could be topped. He was wrong, but he got his water in the end.

After that, he trained every waking hour. He climbed. He meditated. Elon sent him to tame Roman's dragon, Ray. The yellow beast at first denied him. Bartam was not a kind master. But eventually Ray relented, though Bartam could tell it had more to do with his reverence for Roman than obedience to himself. Still, it was a task accomplished. He chose not to ride Ray more than he had to, and over time Ray even seemed to develop a begrudging affection for him. Bartam trained for over a month with Master Elon. As he learned more about the group of Jedi and their mission, he focused more and more on his uncle. Despite the fact that Roman did not know he had become a Dark Jedi before becoming a Jedi himself, Bartam blamed him for Roman's death. More and more he desired to confront his Darth Krull and exact revenge. Elon cautioned against this, of course, but it was difficult. Impatient, brash, impulsive, reckless. These were a few of the admonitions with which Elon frequently chastised Bartam. Despite being several years older than Roman, he was, shall we say, somewhat less emotionally mature.

Over those several weeks, however, Bartam was able to control himself better. He grew in ability faster that most Jedi, especially those who start so late. But Elon wisely knew the source of this power. Roman was somewhere, guiding him, fueling him, steadying him. Maybe not consciously, but his presence was almost tangible at times. Bartam did not realize this, instead attributing his growth to his own natural ability. Still, he felt like there were times when he wasn't quite alone. Eventually, Bartam could not wait any longer. He knew Roman's friends had set up a base and were preparing to begin again their assault on the Empire. Where the Empire was, there would be Dark Jedi. Where there were Dark Jedi, there would be Darth Krull. Elon cautioned him to wait, to train longer, but Bartam refused. His brother had been content to wait, allow destiny to provide the opportunity to confront their uncle. But Bartam had no time for destiny. He would make his own. He sent a message to Skull Squadron using Elon's console, and soon the Mora's Oath set down on Oba Nydo to retrieve him.

Elon allowed it, but had grave warnings for the other Jedi about their new recruit. "Be careful," he said. "Watch him closely, lest he turn to the dark side." Bartam was cheery however, and eager to begin fighting the Empire. It wasn't long before he got over his head again, but that's how he liked it anyway.


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