The Return of Roman Startiller

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The Return of Roman Startiller

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Roman was supposed to be gone for no longer than two weeks on his scouting expedition. But he did not return until more than three weeks after taking off with his jailbroken brother Bartam and Jarvis aboard the Morah's Oath. He hands two dataplaques to Sorath and then goes immediately to HQ, where he asks the Council of Oba Nydo to assemble.

When they grant him an audience, he tells them the following:
I have taken my brother Bartam away and I have freed him. I have robbed the citizens of Oba Nydo their justice, and therefore I place myself at the mercy of the Council. If you wish to carry out Bartam's sentence on me, I will not resist or question you.
On one of the dataplaques is a letter to Skull Squadron. The other is his planetary survey report, encrypted and slightly obfuscated in case of capture.

The content of the personal letter is as follows:
To my dearest companions,

I am sorry that I have failed you all. I have spoken often of learning the ways of the Force. Seeking balance. Peace. Detachment. I have chided many of you for becoming too personally involved in matters in Oba Nydo. Too emotionally connected. And yet I could not set aside my own attachment in the face of justice.

Despite his crimes, I believe Bartam can, and will, be a better person. He has made many mistakes, but his reasons are understandable, even if they are not excusable. I have searched his mind and discovered no falsehood in what he told me. He is repentant and wishes to be executed for his crimes. Indeed, his crimes warrant such a treatment. However, despite my preaching, he remains my brother. I could not abandon him. I have placed him in the care of my family, and while that means his life is yet intact, having to live in fear of our mother is perhaps a more fitting punishment than could have been otherwise devised.

Even so I again apologize to you all for failing you as a Jedi and as your friend. I acted selfishly. I am putting myself at the mercy of the Council, because it is the justice of Oba Nydo that I have cheated. Several of you are members on the Council. I do not ask for your leniency. I do not ask for justice. I have made my decisions and I am at peace. I do not ask for anything, other than this: if I am to be executed, I wish to be remembered as your friend. I do still wish to fight the Empire, and above all, I wish to learn more of the Force, but I do not wish to lose your trust. I am sorry if I have done so.

Please forgive me.

Roman Startiller, aka "Idiot"
The planetary survey will be a separate post. As an aside, Roman took all of his remaining money (he has something like 30k) and gave it to his family. This includes his land fund that he had been keeping secret.
“Do not be wary of men who take risks with titles and land; be wary of men with nothing to lose.” Shinsei, the Little Teacher

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