Campaign Setting and Introduction

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Campaign Setting and Introduction

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Hey all. This will be a one-off occasional campaign. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join whenever and drop out whenever, and we will play with whoever shows up. Think kind of like the Operation: Thelosian Freedom, but without a grander story arc.

Setting and Background: Across the galaxy there are many roving pirate gangs. Some are just single ships with ragtag crews of outlaws and mercenaries. Others are small bands of thieves with no honor and less reservations. Yet there are some who still believe in a code of morality. Piracy does not have to be savage, after all. Enter the Noble pirate family of Ravenstone.

They claim to be descendants from once highly placed Alderaanian royalty. The story goes that they were unjustly banished because they were viewed as a threat to the throne, though they say it was a completely unfounded accusation. Alone and stripped of their wealth, the family moved from one transport to another, begging and offering whatever services they had. Over time they changed their name to Ravenstone and started doing more dangerous work. Eventually they were able to buy their own ship. Soon they had a fleet. Then two. Before twenty years had passed they had amassed a force of ships that rivaled the navies of many systems, even though half their ships didn't run, and the other half didn't run well.

But they persevered and became known as one of the most capable privateering fleets in the galaxy. These days they have compartmentalized their fleet into small bands of ships that take on mostly smaller scale jobs. Although at times the entire fleet will be called upon to serve in some great operation. The family has now split into several smaller vassal families that serve the central unit.

Location: Either on the ships of the fleet or on various outer edge planets. Tatooine is a favorite resupply world.

Timeline: This isn't concrete, but I had two thoughts. Either 10-20 years before the events of Episode IV (the prequels didn't happen so deal with it) OR a hundred years prior, during the time of the Old Republic. This would be more difficult seeing as there was much more established law and order, but I think it could work fine. What do you guys think?

Characters: For background, you have a choice of making either a member of the royal family (or one of the noble vassal families) or you can make a hired crewman. Nobility are able to climb the ranks much easier and more quickly, but much is expected of them and there are many political pitfalls. The vassal families, and even the central noble family itself are constantly competing and trying to sabotage their rivals to advance more quickly.

For class, things are pretty wide open. At this point I can't think of any class I wouldn't allow, except for minor or alien Jedi. I will allow failed or quixotic Jedi if you have a cool backstory that makes it ok to think of yourself as a criminal. Think about what would be good on a ship that regularly sees combat but also needs those with a more, shall we say, delicate touch. Some good choices are Pirate, Mercenary, Gambler, Wookiee, Tongue-tied Engineer, Brash Pilot, etc etc. You can be as old or young as you like.

Post any other questions here.
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