Cyborg characters

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Cyborg characters

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I have been reading about EoE, and somewhere along the way I came across this interesting idea. To create a cyborg character from creation.

If I wanted to make a cyborg wookiee the traditional thought would be make a wookiee then add implants to him.... well that is not really possible from standard character creation. but what ive seen online is Gms have allowed players to use the gank template to make a character. They are a wookie, transdashian, twilik etc in visuals but not in stats. that way a player could make a cyborg right of the bat but gains no real bonus over other starting characters and in some situations are actually hampering their own characters in exchange for a cool story from creation.

lets take a wookie for example. they do massive melee and brawl damage because they start with a high brawn and have a crazy special that increases damage. The cyborg would be throwing that away and lowering the wound threshold too.

wookiee stats
specials - when damaged deal a bonus 1 to all melee and brawl atacks, plus two if criticly injured
wound 14+br
stain 8+wp
skill brawl1
start exp 110

Gank Stats
specials - begin with up to two cybernetics implants that cost up to 5,000, extra credits for obligation may be applied, ( i read this as 5,000 total not 10,000 )
speacial - max cyber implants +3
wound 10+br
strain 10+wp
skill - coercion 1 or Vigilance 1
start exp 110

i think its fair but wanted all of your thoughts before i started working on my cyborg character.... aka im gonna make him anyways and hope you let me play him haha
Noted and promptly ignored.
- Matt

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