Campaign Player Character - Kaiu Kabe

Long ago, the great clans of Rokugan lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Lion Clan attacked. Only the assembled armies of the entire empire, master of all five rings, could stop them. But when the world needed peace most, it vanished. A dozen years or so have passed since the Lion's defeat, and now they are cowed but unbroken. Envoys from other clans have been sent to the Lion trading city of Tonfajutsen, to help rebuild and restore broken relations.

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Campaign Player Character - Kaiu Kabe

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Name: Kaiu Kabe
Clan: Crab
Family: Kaiu
School: Hida Bushi
Gender: Male
Age: thirties

The son of two prominent engineers, Kabe's parents wanted him to carry on the family trade. Build walls and weapons, perhaps even direct large forces in battle. However, Kabe was mostly interested in fixing wagons and making crafts. When this displeased his parents, he decided to rebel by choosing to be a warrior instead of an engineer. He was skilled as a fighter, but always loved tinkering and making things. As a result, his Hida teachers found him whimsical and undedicated. His family found him to be brutish and uneducated.

So when the message came to send an envoy, the Crab viewed it as an opportunity to rid themselves of a problem. Thus Kaiu Kae was sent on a little vacation with no intention of actually helping the Lion at all.
“Do not be wary of men who take risks with titles and land; be wary of men with nothing to lose.” Shinsei, the Little Teacher

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