Acquisition of Goods - Wandering Oasis

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Acquisition of Goods - Wandering Oasis

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So did a good bit of reading up on the economy, and how rarity and (R) factors into things. Basically, depending on where you are, some goods are illegal, and must be purchased on the black market. Things marked (R) are always illegal, no matter where you are. Rarity just means that you have to roll a negotiation check to find a thing. I think it'd be cool if we did that at the beginning or end of sessions, where we are basically shopping the markets on the Wandering Oasis. I have a good negotiation, so I can help find stuff. Rarity just affects the difficulty of the roll.

So then I was also thinking, maybe if we can't find a thing, we could put in an order? So say I want to buy blaster mod, but I fail the roll. I could put in an order and get it next session or something?

Also, we have to work out some kind of price for installing things if we don't have an on-ship mechanic. Like, I have a bunch of stuff picked out to get installed into the ship, but I don't know who will do it. If Greeshy offers up his people, how much is it? Maybe 10% of item price, or something like that?
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